Balcony Design and Decor Ideas


Living in an apartment with balcony is a gift. This means you have more space to relax and enjoy your private time doing anything you like. Your job is to apply the stylish and inviting balcony design to let you enjoy your balcony more. Is it difficult to design a balcony? No, it isn’t. There are so many options of furniture and decors to support your preferred design. What you need is creativity and commitment to complete the designing process until it is all done.


Narrow balcony is a perfect space to place over-sized furniture in the nook. This arrangement will make a very cozy space especially when it is combined with mini garden. Imagine having a peaceful time while relaxing on the bench and reading your favorite book. If you want to create some lovely area, consider customized seat placed at your balcony’s window. Add sophisticated coffee table to hold your champagne glass and bottle that you enjoy when you have guests coming over. But if you are a person who adores retro balcony design a lot. Consider choosing and installing vintage mosaic tiles instead of ceramics tiles. Do not forget add coffee table set in retro style and place it just by the window. If you have some place on the wall, hang your favorite retro decors like pictures frame or beautiful artwork.


Do you want to feel like you are in the outdoor area? Buy artificial turf and use it to make customized long bench for your balcony. This turf is low in maintenance and hygienic as well. And, it also makes very comfortable seating and sleeping area. Consider adding beautiful and stylish treatments like wooden decking to set the tone. If you are creating green balcony design for your balcony, you can create self-irrigated mini garden in your balcony and plant vegetable plants that you can harvest anytime.

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