Blue Color for Bedroom to Give Calm and Peaceful Atmosphere


Bedroom and its colors have strong relation. In interior design, bedroom should get accent with smooth and calm color, for example blue. Why is blue? Blue color for bedroom has benefits and good effect to home owner, room arrangement, and other aspects. There are some matters that need to be understood about this color. You will get them in the following sections.


Traditional color concept puts blue as one of three basic colors. You may recognize red and yellow as other primary color. Combination between blue and others create secondary and tertiary then turns into color gradation. Blue is classified as calm and subtle characters. In color bar, there is two groups: cool and warm colors. Green to purple is cool and red to yellow is warm. Warm color is not good for bedroom due to excessive energy. You will feel passionate to work when the color of room is bright yellow, but it consumes much energy. At the end, you need to get rest to the room with peaceful and cool atmosphere. Blue is on the center of green and purple that means the calmest and coolest color at all. Blue and yellow create green. Purple is darkest part of blue. All of them justify compatibility about blue color for bedroom.


How to compose blue in bedroom? Good starting point is wall. You may use light blue for wall then add white accent for floor. In bedroom design, blue is able to put as the color for furniture. Bedroom has several furnishing such as bed, cabinet, table, nightstand, drawer, etc. All of them can be in blue. If one color is too much, add one or two additional accent. Blue is good with warm one as they are completely opposite, but still as the majority. Another color is black, white, and grey. They are neutral which can make blue color for bedroom look more beautiful.

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