Bright Room Colors for Cheerful Atmosphere


It is always invigorating to see bright room colors. Our attentions are always attracted to vibrant colors. They appear to have impressive effect to our perception. Each person is attracted to certain colors, and each of the colors may affect their mood. There are several bright colors which might inspire you in painting your room. First is orange. Orange inspires warm and comfortable feeling. It welcomes you and inspires you to open up. For a really comfortable atmosphere, use darker orange. But, if you want modern tone, use bright orange.


Second, red is the symbol of passion, emotional, and excitement at once. The color signifies boldness and it is an attraction gatherer. You should not put it wall-to-wall in your room. Use it as an accent to add warmth in your room. Third, just use yellow.  This color offers cheerful, lively, and energetic spirits. Yellow is bright and sunny. You could use it like red as accent, because too much yellow will only saturated your already bright room colors. Try toned down yellow as the color could boost your concentration and thought.


On the other hand, blue is healing color. It can boost productivity and has cooling effect to your mood.  But, avoid grayish blue because the color can ruin your mood into sadness.  Aside of giving bright color to your room, green offers calming and refreshing effect to your mood. Green also offers concentration of mind. Furthermore, it is one of the most practical colors to paint your room.


As alternative, pink is feminine and romantic color. It is also a loving accent. It has a really calming effect to the mood. You can combine it with purple. Purple is mysterious, yet dignified color. Yes, it has been regarded as royalty color. Lavenders or lilacs are samples of serene and calming purple. The color also inspires luxury to your bright room colors.

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