Chinese Garden Design Ideas


When you see a Chinese garden design, you will directly fall in love with it. It is a combination of beauty, calmness, and nature spiritual connection. It will relax your mind and soul after having such tight and stressful schedule. It provides serenity, so it will good for those who badly want to respite from a crowded. It is easy to understand the huge interest to this ancient art. Are you interested to know how to make this garden design? Check this out!

In Chinese garden design, there are three main elements you need to consider most. These elements are water, stones, and planes. Water represents living which means it is always changing the nature. Stones represent the stability and the strength. Meanwhile, plants indicate beauty, significance, and texture. In addition, you will also find pavilions and teahouses. Those architectures give a place for talks, refreshments as well as reflection.

In fact, building a Chinese garden is not that difficult. Prepare an area to build the Chinese garden and draw a sketch of your concept. The Chinese garden needs to be pleasing to the eyes, dense and asymmetrical too. Set some plants and make water attributes like pool or stream due to its main part of Chinese garden.

Furthermore, add bamboo plants which stand. However, ensure to avoid the invasive varieties. These varieties can catch up your Chinese garden which is planned carefully. You can also choose some plants that symbolize the color as well as the texture of every season. Other features of Chinese garden you need to consider are the shapes that reveal the nature elements like a curved walkway. Most of the Chinese garden design is surrounded by walls. If you want to enhance the element of architectural, you can build a pavilion and artificial mountain there.

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