Coffee Table Decorating Guidelines


Coffee table has so many functions. It is not only the place to put drinks, but also any other things. It can be a footrest, stuff storage as well as a decoration to your room. If you are not setting it properly, it could be messed up. Plus, if you don’t put creativity, it makes a bit disappointment. These are some guidelines to help you objectifying your coffee table decorating in several situations.

Just like the other rules of designs, three points are always the great choice to set up your coffee table. Whether it is about the table’s shape or size and decoration properties, setting three kinds of items is very easy. Remember that this is only a guideline, not strict rules that you should follow. Although setting three items, it can be difficult sometimes.

First, set your coffee table with intellectual stuff like books. You can set the books as a basic. There are some items on the table. However, they still match well, looks neat and organized. The items that you put on your coffee table decorating should create a structured sense of the arrangement on the books’ heap.

Second, add squares or circles things. If you set all the decoration stuff in rectangular like the book, it could be a bit stuffy. That is why circles and squares play with it. To improve the visual interests and break the lines, you can play with a circular bowl, vase or squares properties.

Third, using the heights to avoid bored. This is another great tip to improve the energy on your coffee table decorating. Once again, use the three rules as a guideline. You need to play with the different items. All three items must have different sizes and heights. You can add vase and flowers as well.

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