Creative Shelving Ideas You Should Try


Having limited space requires us to have creative shelving ideas. You can maximize your limited space with a little ingenuity and creativity. Well, you can follow the tips in this article. First, you can maximize the alcove. If you find it hard to decide what to do with your alcove, you could line it with bookshelves. If you want to get rid of the awkwardness of the alcove, then you may utilize the bookshelves. It is good for your mind, aesthetically pleasing to the eyes, and of course you have enough additional storage places.


Second, just try shelves under the stairs. It won’t do any good to let the space under stairs empty. You could utilize the space as your creative shelving ideas. Yes, it can be small shelving place. You could use the often neglected area as an alternative storage place. Or, you could also use it as a place to exhibit your knick-knacks. You may build your shelves to fit completely under the stairs in order to get the appearance of a compact integrated unit.


For a limited space, placing a work desk can be a challenge. With the additional shelves, it would be harder challenge. But, why not fit the desk under the shelves for a space-wise arrangement? You could put custom-built shelves on one side of the wall, and slide the desk under the vacant place of the custom shelves. This way, you could make your workstation efficient and chic.


The next creative idea of shelving is by using the naked kitchen column as the background of your shelves. Wrap the shelves around the column and you have the most charming shelves in the kitchen, aside of the fact that you have additional storage space. In addition, if you have limited bedroom space, as a creative shelving idea, you could fix sliding wall to maintain the roomy atmosphere of the bedroom. If you close the bed, it would turn into a book shelves. However, when you pull it down, you have a comfortable bed to relax with your book or just to sleep.

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