Front Fence Designs for Modern House


The main problem of front fence designs for modern house is the material used. Modern design is often associated with metallic material. Metallic material is believed able to enhance the modern feels of the house. Unfortunately, the same material has been used for any parts of the house interior and exterior. Using it for the front fence will make it overwhelming the house design. Most homeowners who want to create front fence for their modern house avoid using wood material. They see it as not a suitable material for modern house. It has too much detail on the texture. Modern house requires less detail on it.

Contrary to popular believe, it is actually possible to involve wood material on the front fence designs for modern house. Aside from involving it, you can also make it the main material for the entire fence. However, how can you solve the problem related to its detail? As you might already know, wood has unique grainy texture. This rich detail material is considered less preferred for modern house. Fortunately, this problem can be easily solved by painting it with plain color. Use single color to paint the wood material to cover its entire surface. By using this method, you will not be able to notice the detail on its surface.

In order to embrace the minimalistic theme of modern house, you need to be selective when choosing the paint. Select particular color that will make the front yard looks appealing. Moreover, you also need to use protective layer on the paint. Adding protective layer will protect it from extreme weather condition. After selecting the front fence designs, you are ready to install the picket fence on your front yard. Take few step backs from the fence to see whether the design suit well with your modern house or not. Do small adjustment on the design to make it fits.

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