Modern Kitchen Colors and Their Implementation


Kitchen is very essential in house. You always go to kitchen for cooking, meal preparation, and dining. This place needs excellent decoration to make everyone want to visit and enjoy it. In modern kitchen colors, there are several aspects that you need to know. Color has capability to explain almost everything. From color, you can recognize homeowners’ personality, particularly kitchen. If they do not spend too much time in kitchen, it is better to apply plain color and fewer accents.


Two basic colors for kitchen are grey and white. It is rare to find solid black as primary color for kitchen. However, black can be implemented as dark accent. White is the simplest color at all. You can match everything with it without too much configuration. How do you put white in kitchen? Majority of area is floor and wall. Besides them, white can be found as furniture such as cabinet, table, and a kitchen island. If white is too bright, another color is grey. You may say both are neutral colors, not only for kitchen but also for any room. Modern style is about practical, but it still has artistic touch. Therefore, white and grey are the most suitable choice for primary touch in modern kitchen colors.


Other recommendations are brown, yellow, blue, and black. Primary rule of modern is practical, so the color should reflect that intention. Additional color in kitchen can be applied for furniture. Dark brown and black are color for cabinet, chair, table, countertop, and shelves. Such colors are produced from wood. To enhance artistic part, keep the wood pattern on surface of furniture. Using blue or yellow is rare, but it is still classified as modern. In room decoration, there is not definite category to put certain colors at specific group. Modern evolves to suit contemporary style. In this case, you will see the brighter colors, such yellow or blue in modern kitchen colors.

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