Moroccan Interior Design with Rich and Stunning Accent


Moroccan interior design is not new thing, but still popular in home decoration. Morocco is a country located in North America. If you are talking about Moroccan style, people will refer to Arabic-type design. Of course, Morocco still elates to Arab culture, but not genuinely. This country is multicultural with people from Africa, Asia, and Europe. As you know, Morocco receives influence from Mediterranean culture, for example Spain.


The design and style cannot be separated from Muslim and Arab influence. Basic design is dome shape for ceiling and high pillars. Most of Moroccan interior design ideas can be associated with mosque with arch doorway. However, Europe culture also takes part to make the design more stunning. Color is important in this design. There are three major colors, such as white, grey, and black. In Moroccan style, it is difficult to find blue or green as primary design. You may see them as pattern for floor or wall. However, white and grey dominate the majority of design nowadays.


Interior design is more than color. You should consider wall ornament, floor material, furniture, window, and door. Due to religion issue, house is designed to make women feel very comfortable. Furniture have artistic touch, so they can enjoy living. This is one of interesting parts from Morocco. Western also influences for home appliance and lighting fixture. To create bright and warm atmosphere, the room uses advanced lighting.


Furniture, wall, and floors are the key of this design. Furniture might resemble style from Mediterranean. Spanish also put interesting touch for Morocco design. You will see in floor ornament that resembles the classic pattern in old castle. Do not forget about carpet. Using this stuff is popular in Persian style, but Morocco may adapt it properly. The last touch in Moroccan interior design is African and sub-Sahara styles. Both of them take part to enrich interior designs of Moroccan.

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