Recycling Ideas for Home as Eco-Friendly Concept


A wise way to reuse old stuffs in your home is by recycling them. With little imagination and creativity, you could have tons of recycling ideas for home. This article will give you some recycling ideas for you. For starter, look for your old suitcase. Your old dusty suitcase wants to retire? Let it be the most comfortable bed for your pet. With a little hack, your cat will love it. For the purpose, you need only a half of the suitcase. The legs are optional, it’s up to you. The necessary parts are the half suitcase with its comfortable pads. Your pet will love this new pet bed.


Other recycling ideas for home are chain ring clocks. An old blunt chain ring should not be thrown away. You could make it a wall clock with a little imagination and ingenuity. What you need is only an old chain ring, clock mechanism, and a talent to screw or unscrew the part. Having done the assembling put the batteries on and enjoy your unique steampunk-styled chain ring clock. Furthermore, if you have old suit jackets, you could make them cute again as unique pillows. You should not open the seams, just use the existing hollow space and stuff it with pads. With some creativity, you could turn the old jackets into pillow with various forms. It would go with your rustic or vintage tastes.


Moreover, do not throw away your burlap after its contents are used up. As one of the most practical recycling ideas for home, you can use it as the multifunction bag instead. This bag burlap is easy to make. To add the accent, you can add ropes or ribbon. Just use burlap bag as magazine container or other practical purposes. Well, it is simple yet interesting to try, right?

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